[cumulus-product-bulletin] Cumulus Networks Product Bulletin: Filesystem Timeouts and Read-only Filesystem on Hardware Using 3IE3/3IE4/3ME3 Solid State Disks

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Tue Mar 5 15:29:27 PST 2019

Some SSD (solid-state disk or flash) drive models commonly used in network switches require the use of the TRIM command to function properly. By default, Cumulus Linux, like most other Linux distributions, does not enable TRIM. This command enables the operating system to keep the firmware up to date on empty areas of the drive to ensure that writes work correctly. Over time, without this notification, when extensive logging or debugging to the SSD is enabled, the firmware may take longer to perform write operations, which can in turn cause driver timeouts. These disk errors may eventually lead to the filesystem being mounted as read-only.
For customers running versions 3.0.0 through 3.7.3, Cumulus Networks is distributing a package to address this issue. Since these SSD drives are widespread in networking hardware, all customers using 3IE3, 3IE4 or 3ME3 SSDs should install this package. Customers without the affected SSDs will see no behavioral change. Installing the package should have no adverse effects. This functionality will be handled automatically by Cumulus Linux 3.7.4 and later.
For information on determining whether you are affected, and how to correct the issue, please read the following article in the Cumulus Networks help center:

Pete Bratach | manager, docs & community | outdoor cat | Cumulus Networks

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